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Access comprehensive soccer data feeds for any league and match. Soccer's API delivers JSON Football Data Feeds with a wide range of features, including Fixtures, Live Scores, Results, Player Statistics, Player Profiles, Head-to-Head Stats, Historical Data, Bookmaker Information, Pre-match, and In-play Odds. All data is available in JSON format.

Complete Soccer Data Feeds

Soccer's API is a robust and high-performance solution that provides an extensive array of football-related data. This includes intricate information about various aspects of football, such as leagues, teams, matches, and individual players. Our API ensures access to accurate statistics, comprehensive fixture details, in-depth match analysis, real-time betting odds, up-to-date standings, TV station specifics, and much more. We deliver data to numerous websites simultaneously, with updates occurring every second. Our API empowers your applications and websites with all the football data you need.

Comprehensive Football Data for Your Web and Mobile Apps

Soccer's API aims to provide structured football data for all professional leagues worldwide in a developer-friendly format. Our RESTful API offers data exclusively in JSON, making integration effortless.

Why Choose Soccer's API?

  • Dedicated Football API: Access a specialized API dedicated to football data.
  • Intuitive & Comprehensive: Get user-friendly and comprehensive data for your applications.
  • Complete & Detailed: Enjoy access to extensive and detailed information.
  • Over 800 Leagues & Tournaments: Covering a vast range of leagues and tournaments from around the world.
  • Affordable Pricing & 15-Day Free Trial: Cost-effective plans with a risk-free trial period.
  • 24/7 Support: Benefit from round-the-clock assistance for your needs.

Get real-time livescore data from hundreds of matches, including goals, cards, shots, passes, and ball possession. Get updates second by second as events happen on the field.


Get the latest fixtures for all the leagues and tournaments that we cover. We provide fixtures for up to 800 leagues and tournaments.


Team rankings within each league they participate in. With Live Standings, get real-time provisional standings while the game is in progress.


Access comprehensive data about football teams and their squads. Retrieve player profiles, images, player ages, market values, and more.


Access detailed statistics for each game, league, team, and individual player, along with advanced data features.


Enhance your application with detailed and interactive formations. Display starting lineups, formations, bench players, missing squad members, and coach information.


Access odds from over 30 bookmakers and various markets, including 1×2, Asian handicaps, and Over/Under. Get real-time odds updates every few seconds!


Find out where to watch your favorite games with our comprehensive coverage of international TV channels and online streaming services like DAZN and ESPN.

Great Soccer API

Soccer's API offers a powerful JSON API and user-friendly widgets that can easily be integrated into your website, even without advanced programming skills. This robust tool empowers webmasters and developers to access comprehensive soccer data for building advanced websites and mobile applications.

Real-Time Data Feeds's API solutions provide real-time data updates, ensuring that you receive the latest information every second. This enables your applications to display up-to-the-minute details on thousands of soccer games and tournaments, keeping your users informed and engaged.

Worldwide Coverage provides comprehensive coverage and data for soccer games worldwide. This includes popular leagues such as the English Premier League (EPL), the Bundesliga, LaLiga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Copa America, and many other active competitions. With data from over 800 leagues across the globe, including major tournaments and minor leagues, you'll have access to a vast soccer database for your applications and websites.

Comprehensive Football Data

Soccer's API provides an extensive range of football data, including detailed information on leagues, teams, matches, and individual players. Access accurate statistics, fixtures, match analysis, betting odds, standings, TV station details, and much more. Whether you need comprehensive team stats or player profiles, our API delivers the data you require to elevate your applications and websites.

Reliable Football API

At Soccer's API, we delve into every aspect of soccer. Our Soccer API equips you with all the essential information you require for your application. Whether you're a webmaster, start-up, or a sports media company, you can rely on Soccer's API to deliver crucial football data for your needs. Trust in the depth and accuracy of our data to enhance your offerings.

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24/7 Support

Soccer's API has a reliable around the clock customer support that will help customers stay in touch and troubleshoot any issues that may crop up. Get in touch by live chat or e-mail.

Fast and Low Latency API

API is served through a dedicated servers network with 99.9% of availability at high speed. We provide data to hundreds of websites at the same time, every second.

Affordable Price & Free Plan

Soccer's API offers the most affordable price out there in relation to the quality and quantity of data. Also we offer a Free Plan Forever which includes three major legues (A-League, Tipico Bundesliga and SuperLiga).

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